The method of infinite multiplying of human care

The LivingWithoutTheMoon Foundation is based on a principle that is determined by the techno-philanthropical approach. This attitude differs from the traditional human-friendly approach in the way it achieves its main goals: not by social mobilization but through implementing clear informatic solutions which are feasible even in short term. This kind of philanthrope attitude defines technology as a tool, technic as a way of implementation, and methodology as professional support which provides professional, quick and personalized solutions for individuals in a in a life situation that requires change.

At the Foundation, we have a vision about caring for children’s permanent sense of fear and loss experience in a way that — besides providing more than therapy — no one has ever thought about. These technologies proved that if we apply them in an appropriate way, they are able to serve a little child’s emotional, physical and mental security. The upcoming patent of the Foundation, the Mood-map streaming software managing unique playlists, is also controlled by artificial intelligence, which enables it to react to the children’s indicated needs and to perfectly implement the aimed process. The Mood-map is a promise to the ones involved, that following an unexpected family loss there is still a solution which provides an unlimited musical experience to the children and sensitively reflects to every emotion that fear and grief generates throughout the childhood.

The basis of the software is made up by the multiple and diverse musical compositions, which following the thoughtful curatorial selection, becomes a large set of data in a constructed interface that identifies the step of a well-defined and well-known psychological process (childhood grief crisis and persistent fear) in the form of musical playlists. The mass data containing the full genre of world music integrates the unique musical compositions pre-selected by musical curators and professional collectors into the big-data technology environment and uses them to create playlists which are needed by children in the given life situation to support their resistance, emotional flexibility, dissolving isolation and partially retrieving harmony.

Every playlist that we create for children are built on applying such musical genres, compositional solutions, tone, melody, etc., which are proven to have beneficial brain effects analyzed by us through EEG sensor test cases. During the research, which was supported by brain imaging diagnostic tools, we tested the brain’s response to musical stimulus by playing sample compositions to the children affected, and the result of this research provided the foundations of the selection process, the sound rework, the recurring melodies and favorable beats. All these made it proven, that the real neurophysiological responses of the brain support the emotional response of seeking for harmony in the case of children who are suffering from a loss.

Techno-philanthropy means to us that with the help of technological novelties we’re able to create an environment for a mourning child, where the hidden emotional conditions of his/her life are supported and get better day by day with the help of music.

There’s no other artistic impulse, like music, which could mobilize emotions, thoughts and action in such a versatile way, already from infancy and without any cultural or language barriers. The special on-demand musical streaming interface dedicated to children and also the entire service environment is designed in a way that enables children all around the world to follow the same path as the best of modern human expertise does: where the skill systems of therapeutic professions, a family’s devotional care day after day, and the humanity of music prevail as well.

Techno-philanthropical thinking is able to harmonize the experiences of different life areas and thus to provide fast and unique solutions. The team of our foundation works for implementing a musical environment which could have never been created without the artists’ creative imagination and the best of technologies.

The harmonization of techno-philanthropical attitude with maternal loss in early childhood and related fear experience brought to life the Mood map software, which is based on the psychological structure of emotional aspects of the children’s soul followed by the extreme loss, taking time perspective as a basis.

For describing life situations afflicted by loss, the skill system of resilience provided a solution for millions of therapists all over the world. Our intention was to create a closed community for the families affected, which is supported by diverse impulses and which provide opportunity for subconscious experiences to occur thus complementing the work of scientific workshops focusing on psychology.

Had the techno-philanthropical thinking not become part of public thinking at the early 2000, this foundation most probably wouldn’t reach out for cases having a worldwide impact, wouldn’t have step out of the founder’s community, wouldn’t revive traditions in the field of musical implementation, wouldn’t get attached to significant audio-technological innovation processes and would be a lot more insecure in applying artificial intelligence throughout its processes. This approach however encouraged us to make it possible that the children who lose the most important person in their lives early in their childhood, would be given the most up to date knowledge regarding their emotional status.

We know that years spent with intensive mourning are responsible for tragic psychological status, which can be endured, interpreted and processed in an unprecedented way with the help of music

Techno-philanthropy provided a great help for us in ensuring that different knowledge bases from the area of psychology, psychiatry, music, audio physiology and technical knowledge — which enabled us to improve our work — were all available at the same time. This also plays a role in proving that the results of initiatives created in a techno-philanthropical environment usually become catalysators of industry-level advances-

Our work can be seen as investment in cultural history, an action plan for the childhood experience of loss crisis, in which music serves as a foundation and technology ensures the conditions of implementation.

In our foundation, the techno-philanthrope skill system, probably uniquely in the world, provides direct solutions to face a life situation which feels like the most tragic out of all. Evanescence of a parent is the most tragic experience for a child!

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